Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Healthy snack. Does it always have to be carrot for dougnut?

No one can deny that a healthy diet requires  many sacrifices and it's always associated with a struggle against bad food habits often strongly established in childhood
 The most discouraging for me was the awareness that I must say GOODBYE FOREVER to all my favourite tasty snacks like cakes, chips and candies.  
Sometimes I thought: Why should I bother? One day I will reach for candy bar anyway and I will ruin all my efforts again. 
 My weight loss struggle seems to be never ending story....However, If you are even one step further from the beginner as I am , so you probably know that healthy lifestyle is something more. I want to share cool info graphics with You, it has funny title Does it always have to be Carrot for Doughnut? but it's uplifting for junk food lovers:) trying to lose weight: