Monday, January 7, 2013

Loving PIZZA on the diet:)

I don't know anybody who doesn't love PIZZA:) That is the one of my biggest temptations to which it is really difficult for me to say goodbye. That is why I'm looking for the way I can  still enjoy pizza sometimes ....without feeling guilty....
Amount of calories in Pizza  can be really really high, but I compared calories in Pepperoni Pizza and Veggie Pizza on my favorite calorie counter -  and it looks I found the way.....
 I checked calories in pizza, and amount of fat and carbohydrates as well, you can check the results. 
Adding some veggies and giving up pepperoni reduces significantly amount of calories, fat and carbohydrates!!!
In the beginning of my diet I decided to have 1 veggie pizza (1 mean 2 to 3 slices) without having any remorse I broke my weight loss goals!

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