Thursday, January 17, 2013

Real Italian Spaghetti Feast

I love Italian food - PASTA, PASTA & PASTA:), but unfortunately the number of calories in pasta does not allow me to eat it every day. I love spaghetti, so I learned how to reduce the amount of calories in my favourite meal, and make it right for my weight loss diet. Plus I got a great and healthy recipe for Spaghetti with Tuna and Tomato sauce from my friend who cooked it in Italy :)

What I need:
Olive oil

Large onion 
Few cloves of garlic 
Tomato sauce or canned tomatoes in sauce (preferably Italian production) 
Can of tuna in olive oil

Freshly grounded pepper 
Hot pepper powdered
Dried oregano
Dried basil 
Pasta - choose whole wheat pasta, this way your blood sugar doesn't rise so rapidly after eating spaghetti

Cook pasta al dente.
In the mean time, glaze the onion in olive oil, then add crushed garlic. Wait few minutes and add tomato sauce. When the sauce starts to bubble, add the tuna and season with salt, pepper, powdered hot pepper, oregano and basil. 
Your delicious meal is ready!

Replacing meat for tuna and using whole wheat pasta your spaghetti loses only the amount of calories, keeping its taste :)

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