Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yoga for your weight loss?

I actually hate exercising. It is really hard for me to get up early in the morning and do jogging. Evening exercises are impossible too, because I'm so tired after usually busy and long day ....
An exercise I will possibly accept needs to be really short without driving to the gym, which makes me lose time in a traffic and other stuff you should do when you go out.
I heard Yoga is really good, but not so effective when you think particularly about weight loss. I did some research and I found out that there is a type of Yoga exercises that are typically for weight loss!  I found also a 30 minute Yoga workout for weight loss It looks a little bit hard, some exercises are actually too hard, because I'm still too heavy....but who knows  I might like it..... hopefully..... I will start and try to exercise 3 times a week and we will see what's going to happen:)

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